Full time Manager Assistant
2020-09-08 17:54:28
Mandarin Manager Assistant
Full time
North West London

We are looking for a Mandarin speaker manager assistant for daily tasks, primary duties include:

Task management:
1. Check and complete order tasks order tasks (i.e. payment reminder).
2. Check and complete/redirect project tasks (i.e.amendment requests).
3. Check ‘in progress’ tasks, follow up and complete those tasks. 
4. Any other tasks allocated from the manager.

Administrative duties:
1. Check email that contains project updates or completion of projects.
2. Send reminders for upcoming due projects/milestones.
3. File management, organise and manage project files (i.e. download files from emails).
4. Create projects and assign projects to relevant people.
5. Additional duties allocated from the manager.

Customer services:
1. Deliver project/milestones to customers via online system or email.
2. Chat/talk to customers regarding their project deadline and deliveries.

You will work closely with a manager to assist his/her daily job, but sometimes can be alone. We will use an online meeting room for quick collaboration. 

You should have the following skills:
 1. Problem-solving skills - you are required to check and resolve lots of tasks, sometimes tasks may not have a straightforward answer that may rely on your abilities to find the appropriate solution.

Quick learning skills - you will spend only a few days to learn from your colleague, you are expected to learn and act quickly.

Pressure handing skills - because of the deadline of projects, you are required to handle many tasks on strict timely manner. Some project will not be available on due dates and you are required to handle both the customer complaints and chase up the project progress.

English/Chinese language skills - You should be competent to read/write both English and Chinese.

Salary: 20K per annum

20 Holidays +8 bank holidays

To apply, please email your CV to: rwsxzv@gmail.com

1.交定金;2.价格异常低廉;3.要求先付运费; 4.交易流程繁琐;5.交易地方一再变化。